What a year we have all had!


We really want the Grand Pier, to be worthy of her name but outside influences make it more and more difficult to raise the finances to proceed with all that we want to do.

Our business is not like other businesses, we have the weather to contend with, shifting sands and extreme waves.  Teignmouth is not a busy place all year round, we don’t experience hot weather, all year round, there aren’t visitors, all year round.  We no longer have any hotels and we have limited parking, the list is endless.  We have to maintain the structure of our business unlike land based buildings that can just close the door and open again the next day.

We rely so heavily on so many things and when you factor in the past year, unprecedented, having been closed for 8 months, we have no income.

 The Pier does not just take a “lick of paint” it costs thousands to do this and under-works cost tens of thousands. 

Proposed works, front building upgrade, see planning diagram, were due to be done in Spring 2020, sadly Covid put those plans on hold, so we aimed for them to be done in Spring 2021, and we got closed again. February brought a new unforeseen issue with the shifting sands, not within our annual maintenance project, that exposed the very foundations we sit on, and now that takes priority over all other repairs before we can think about tackling anything else.

Oh to wave a magic wand and get everything done, but we have to be realistic.




Covid – 19 Secure


We have carried out several risk assessments on our business to enable us to open.

We have taken every practicable precaution so that all our staff and visitors can be secure in the knowledge that their health and safety is Covid Secure.

We are signed up to Visit Britain “Good to Go” certificated.


We ask that no customer should visit us if they are feeling unwell

We will be operating the business on a limited capacity basis to enable all customers and staff to practice social distancing. 

There will be one entrance and one exit to the Pavilion.  Access to ice-cream sales will be available from both inside and outside the building.


No unaccompanied children will be permitted, and all other children must be supervised at all times.


All gaming machines will be regularly cleaned throughout opening hours.


All “face to face” machines i.e. 2p pushers, have been fitted with Perspex screens to keep our customers safe.


We have free-standing hand sanitiser stations throughout the premises for customers to use regularly, so that everyone can play safely.


You will not be permitted to wear gloves on the premises.  This could cause cross contamination which we need to avoid.  


We have increased the “queueing space” near the Prize Shop to allow social distancing.


We have removed all indoor seating at the coffee shop to use as “queueing space” for ice cream.


Outdoor seating will be monitored, during the first weeks of opening.  As these are mobile we will remove them if social distancing is not maintained.


Please remember – we are all new to this and will continually be renewing and adapting best safe practices.  Please be patient.

We look forward to welcoming our regulars and new customers onboard for a pleasant and happy visit.


As we are a small family enterprise and self funded with enormous insurance costs, due to the nature of our business, we have set out a ten year plan. Not withstanding catastrophes we aim to get our 152 year old pier back to her former elegance.


This last winter, 2016/17 we have heavily invested in design and the installation of 14 tonnes of steel baffles under the front section of the building.  These, we hope will help to deflect the strength of any waves battering underneath thereby avoiding any possible major damage.  We have replaced the broken and missing cement board sides with a new treatment.  Having already replaced these boards 3 times and lost them, yet again to high seas, we hope this new idea will withstand whatever waves are thrown at us.

The end of the building near to the open deck has been replaced and tidied up and now matches the original new build. 

We still have the outside deck area to replace with some piles and tie bars needing repair but this year time and finances ran out.


The aim is to have a clear walkway for promenading with a number of seating options so that visitors can enjoy the beautiful seafront and surrounding coastline.

Estimated costs are 100’s of thousands spread over the ten years and of course will only be carried out in the off-season.


Teignmouth is a small, fabulous and beautiful beach resort and we are lucky enough to have a pier at the seaside.  So many resorts no longer have a pier due to the cost of upkeep, storms or fires.  We hope that you will continue to support us, as you have over the years, so that we can again be proud of our Victorian heritage. 



Recent social media posts show that some of the local population are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes, or indeed, the huge, unbelievable costs involved, in keeping our pier open. We plough every bit of profit back in to maintaining the structure and also, where possible, purchase new machines for your enjoyment.  How much do you think a 2p pusher costs?  Even a  re-conditioned one is over £20k!  Then there is insurance, imagine having to have the foundations of your house checked annually and then re-insuring your property on the likelihood that there is erosion or potentially bad winters that could damage them or wash them away.


We rely on visitors to our town and usually the busiest is during the summer months where we take enough money to see us through winter maintenance, wages and electricity.  When you see lots of people on board having fun during August remember that those people aren't there during the winter, but we are and continually working behind the scenes.


In short, we don't want her to fall in to the sea, we are 3rd generation custodians of this Victorian structure and get no help from anywhere else.  So in the meantime you will have to bear with us until she WILL be restored to her former glory. 


Teignmouth Pier Picture.jpg